An attractive landscape can enhance the beauty and value of your property. Properly chosen and placed plant material will, over time, mature and become an integral part of the appearance at your home or business. Your outside areas are an extension of your inside spaces. Just as care is taken in choosing elements for the inside, thought and care should be given consideration to areas on the outside of your building. 

Ron’s Good Earth, LLC gives you the time and attention you deserve. You will work directly with the owner, who will see that your concerns are addressed. We provide attention to your site and try to ensure proper plant health care by improving soil structure when necessary.

We try to match the proper plant material with the site. We are not trying to sell you plants because we have excess in the field. The flow of the design, the spacing and the mature size of the plants are all taken into account. This allows for a landscape that will continue to blend with the site as it matures. 

As a rule Ron’s Good Earth uses/chooses plant material that comes from commercial wholesale nurseries in our area. We do not truck plants in from all over the country. This assures that the plants are accustomed to our soil profile and weather conditions. Below are services performed in the landscaping area of the business.

Increase value and improve the look of your property with a new layout. Eliminate or replace overgrown and dead plants. Repair or replace unhealthy lawn. Correct pruning of plants to restore appearance.  

Planting plans, grading, seeding, sod, planting, mulching, stone, soil amendments, plants and irrigation.  


The appearance of your site, the health and look of the turf and plant materials, is the first thing people notice. This first impression says a lot about your home or business. With Ron’s Good Earth, LLC assisting in the protection of your investment, you may rest assured the proper attention is being given. Whether it is basic mowing, singularly contracted services or a total grounds management package, Ron’s Good Earth, LLC will make your property as visually appealing as allowed. Below are services that we perform in the maintenance area of the business.

Lawn Mowing  
Recommended mowing procedures are utilized as well as string trimming of grass as needed. Clean up of site prior to departure. Care is taken so as not to blow debris into street or beds. Removal of clippings is additional.

2-4 applications are made throughout the season to deliver timed released balanced nutrition at recommended rates. The number of applications are dependant upon clients wishes.

Weed Control 
In order to reduce the amount of pesticides used, applications are selectively applied and only performed as needed. Spot spraying of weeds may be performed.

Vegetation Control 
Weed and grass control in landscaped beds and gravel areas. Applied only as needed.

Spring/Fall Clean up 
Removal of debris from lawns, landscaped beds and parking lots.

Performed in the spring or fall. Increases air, water and fertilizer penetration to the root zone. Also helps assist in root development, reduce thatch build-up and relieve compaction. Recommended every 2 years, depending on lawn. 

If the plant is being utilized in a formal setting, recommended procedures are employed to shape the plant. We also correct improper branching to allow increased air circulation that reduces pest and disease problems. This makes for a healthier plant. In natural settings or where space permits, we like to let the plant retain its natural size and shape as envisioned by the landscape designer.

Hand spading around mulched tree circles or landscaped beds. To provide clean, sharp, well defined edge that is visually appealing. Power bed edger may be utilized in larger areas. 

Installation of shredded mulch to landscaped beds and tree bases. This recommended practice helps retain moisture and reduces weed growth. It also returns much needed organic matter to the soil as it breaks down. This in turn improves plant health. 

Taking care of existing problems in the landscape. From replacing plants that are past their prime or deceased, to fixing edging that has come out. 

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